Joe from Pennsylvania,

UI Designer & Mobile Aficionado.

Set the mood.

I created my first website in 2001. It was a Geocities website about Remote Control Cars that utterly hooked me in this field. Since then.. I’ve designed, developed and shipped Wordpress websites, non-profit websites, for-profit websites, iOS Apps and Android Apps. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! 😍

I like it a lot.

"If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life." I dig so many aspects of the digital industry we live in; so I can't possibly stick to just one discipline.

The paradigm shift from desktops to mobile is fascinating, to put it lightly. I began my Mobile journey back in 2016, with the learning of Swift iOS development. Since then, I’ve developed and shipped 7 iOS apps, and 1 Android app. My apps have accrued over a quarter million downloads, with very minimal amounts of ad-spend. They’re monetized with Google AdMob & In App Purchases (both non-consumable and auto-renewing subscriptions).

Loooooong gone are the days of not-so-optimal UI and UX being deemed as acceptable. With the vast amount of options and competitors that shape this digital landscape, your product must provide an above-average experience for your users and potential customers. For every new website I design or App I develop, I make it a point to complete an objective with as little friction as possible. Shipping a great user experience is a KPI I always strive for.

With information being accessible on a near infinite amount of screen sizes, resolution, and input devices, it’s imperative your website and/or App scales and behaves accordingly. From an iPhone SE to a 5K iMac, your website must provide an optimal experience throughout the array of displays.

Responsive development doesn’t just end in websites; mobile Apps must adapt to numerous phone and tablet displays. This is growing more important by the day with the amount of mobile devices and front-facing camera notches in the market. Whether it’s CSS media queries for the web, size classes for iOS development, or screen density qualifiers for Android, I always invest the time in making sure work with my name on it behaves as expected across devices.

Wordpress is hands down my favorite CMS to work with. Wordpress has matured from a strictly-blogging platform in 2003 to a powerful CMS that is fully capable of serving content for extremely famous brands (Etsy, TED, Home Depot, New York Post & Vogue to name a few!) With over 10 years of experience in Wordpress, I’ve had the pleasure of watching this software grow to where it’s at now; powering over 35% of the internet (455,000,000+ websites).

My specialty with Wordpress is developing (from scratch!) custom themes, built on Bootstrap, that are tightly integrated with Advanced Custom Fields Pro. The end-result being an easy-to-use website for both first-time users and website administrators. Plugin development is on my list of Wordpress technology to learn next!

As a Graphic Designer by heart, the idea of bringing static designs to life through motion graphics has always been intriguing. Adobe After Effects is a key weapon in my skill-set arsenal. (Think Adobe Photoshop with an incredibly advanced animation & audio timeline.) Motion Graphics has helped me create instructional App videos, App commercials, Social Media content, Facebook & Instagram advertisements and YouTube pre-roll advertisements.

Even the not-so glitz & glamor.

As you may (or may not?) know, this field is far from a bouquet of roses. I’ve resolved some beautiful headaches over the years. Ergo... Wordpress plugin compromises, malicious .htaccess redirects, App Store submission denials, App Store update rejections, Google Play app removal, App Store organic traffic plunge, In-App Purchases not unlocking content, amongst many more! I have a cool-as-a-cucumber attitude and approach when dealing with tech-derailments.

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Interested in learning more about me? Have a question about Wordpress? Want to chat about ASO? Need any advice on your website or App’s UI? Want to know what 36 dpi means? Feel free to reach out below! Fair note... The geekier the better 🤓

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